Saturday, October 10, 2009

Amy Winehouse needs to be worried about her competition: Her Own Goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield

What a DOLL Dionne Bromfield is...and she's Amy Winehouse's goddaughter. Dionne performed Mama Said on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing with Amy and her back-up singers.

Did I mention that Dionne is 13-years old? This sweet little girl has a VOICE...and doesn't have to use anyone's idea of (inappropriate) sex-appeal to sell her talent. Dionne looks so cute.

Seriously. Amy needs to make sure her game gets back on track...and I don't mean with the new boobies she just purchased. She went from a 32B to a 32D very recently. I think she should've rehearsed a bit more--her timing is off here, but really,  it's ALL about Dionne.

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