Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eva Herzigova, 'Member Her?

Lovely, curvy Eva, back in 1994

Ummm...what happened?
This is Eva at the beach just the other day...

Good Lord. Eva Herzigova was one of the most beautiful supermodels of the 1990's. What the goddamned hell has happened to her? Oh, let me guess. The fear of appearing fat after two kids and the pressure to stay young and thin (even though she's 15 years older than her Wonderbra days) has made her nutty. I guaran-effing-tee it.
What a shame.


Annette said...

Thing is there are loads of celebs that are even skinnier but because they have big breast implants nobody considers them underweight? BUT if your boobs LOOK big then obviously ALL is well.

cartermagna said...

Well that's ruined my night.

I hope you're satisfied Jules. I really do.

I'm off to find some proper pics of airbrushed unattainables to keep me happy.