Friday, March 20, 2009

Madonna Excommunicates Jesus

All done!

Madonna has decided to end things with her 22-year-old boyfriend Jesus Luz after he was spotted partying in Rio with several females and reportedly hooked up with 19-year-old model Luciana Costa, according to the Daily Star:
"As our insider explained: "Madonna has just come out of a very long and difficult relationship."She was drawn to Jesus. But it was just a bit of fun and she's enjoyed herself. But she is growing bored of the relationship and her family comes first. He would ruin her chances of adopting again. And the pictures of him with Luciana made her realise that he'll be better suited to somebody his own age."
Oh SURE. It's never about anyone other than Madonna. Even those of us who don't know her personally know that. Sheesh.


Sarah said...

You know, Madonna's undeniably talented and everything else that goes along with her forty year career or whatever it is... But, man, does she GROSS ME OUT.

DivaJulia said...

I'm with ya on that.