Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh, Brother. Anne Hathaway is Praying for an Oscar and a Tony by Playing Judy Garland

Just Google "Anne Hathaway ugly big mouth".
It's that simple.

I can see inside Anne Hathaway's transparent little head (okay big head.) "Ooohhh...if I sing with Jackman on the Oscars, everyone will know I can belt 'em out like Judy!" She was auditioning, live on the Academy Awards. Ugh. So now horseyteeth is gonna play Judy Garland in both the stage and screen versions of her life story.

I have never seen anyone so thrilled to watch her own film clips when being introduced at an awards ceremony. Hathaway's eyes welled with tears and then gave herself a big round of applause after watching her own screechy performance in "Horseyteeth Overacting" or whatever it was called. I completely cringed with embarrassment while she congratulated herself at the podium after winning the Golde Globe. Honestly, she is her own biggest fan.

So. You've been warned; prepare your embarrassment threshold.

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Annette said...

And when does pale stop being interesting? When it's like Anne Hathaway's palor.