Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alexis Grace - Booted From "American Idol"...

Alexis Grace singing for dear life last night. a rather cruel fashion last night, don't you think? Granted, no one--and I do mean no one enjoyed Alexis's cover of "Jolene" written by Dolly Parton during Grand Ole Opry Week. The judges said she didn't have enough "passion" when singing the twangy classic, and thus, she was voted into the Bottom Three (which I think is Seacrest's codename when he frequents the "White Swallow" club...). The a-hole judges insinuated during the final elimination portion that they were indeed considering using their great and powerful veto magic wand to save a contestant if they were booted. Once it was revealed that Alexis (and not that boring dork whose name I cannot even remember, let along what song he sang...honk shooooo), she sang with deliberate cracks in her voice and artificial tears that would never come, in hopes of saving her little life on "Idol". The judges had their side-bar...then BOOM. "Sorry, good--but not good enough."

There was no need to be that cruel to that little chick. Oh wait. RATINGS.

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