Friday, March 13, 2009

How Are We Going to Feel When Chris Brown Beats Rihanna Again?

Did Chris Brown do this, too?

"Rihanna, 21, suffered a scratched cornea last year and had to wear an eye patch, which she incorporated into her stage costume when she performed at the 2008 American Music Awards."

Oprah devoted her entire show yesterday to the Rihanna/Chris Brown saga and domestic violence amongst young people. "Baby Oprah", Tyra Banks was there alluding to her own experience with domestic violence, and we all know that Oprah suffered abuse in a myriad of horrible ways in her past, as well. There were heartbreaking stories of girls being slapped around, stalked and even killed by the young men who were supposed to love them.

My question is, how is the public going to respond when--not IF--Chris Brown smacks Rihanna up again? Are we going to blame her for not having the self-esteem to leave his ass?

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