Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Separated at Birth! AND Who's That Bitch?

The best white-trash-playin' actress in Hollywood
THAT queen.
Juliette Lewis and (dry-heave) Bobby Trendy. Whenever I see one, I think it's the other. Is it just me?

Now, I love Juliette. No one (except for maybe Patricia Arquette) plays stupid white trash chicks better. Did you see Kalifornia? From Dusk Til Dawn? Natural Born Killers? Awesome.

Who's that that bitch who looks like her? He/she's just known for being Anna Nicole Smith's "stylist". (Dry-heaving again.) I think he drank a strawberry sequined milkshake, puked it up all over her bed and called it "designer bedding".

That's what we call a "two-fer", ya'll! YAY!

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