Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dorky John Mayer Breaks Up With Dorky Aniston AGAIN...YAAAWWWWNN...


Ugh...these two again. Does anyone even care--besides the eternal childless spinster Aniston--that dorky Mayer broke up with her ass again?

"Celebrity insiders tell E! gossip columnist Marc Malkin that Jenn and John are officially dunzo after therock star booted Friends actress, for the second time in their 12-month romance, shortly after she returned to Hollywood following her European promotional tour the hit film Marley & Me.

“He broke up with her when she got back from her European tour,” says a source."

**UPDATE** People Magazine is reporting:

In the last few weeks, the former Friends star has been spending time with her close pal Courteney Cox Arquette and her yoga instructor-friend Mandy Ingber, while Mayer has been busy getting his new house ready and working in the studio. Then E!'s Marc Malkin reported rumors of a possible split.

Previous Breakup

This is not the first time Aniston, 40, and Mayer, 31, have split. In August 2008, they called it quits. At the time Mayer held an impromptu press conference outside his gym in New York, explaining to the media: "I ended a relationship to be alone because I don't want to waste somebody's time if something's not right." Still, lately the couple have seemed happy together.

They met at a 2008 Oscar party last year, and were one of the hottest couples at this year's show after a surprise appearance by Aniston as a presenter, with Mayer as her date. Mayer later said he was there to offer moral support to his girlfriend. In a recent interview, Aniston said she didn't believe any relationship was perfect, or was meant to last a lifetime. "Whoever said that every relationship has to last forever?" she told the U.K.'s Mail on Sunday's You magazine. "That's hoping for too much."

Yep. It IS hoping for too much as long as Aniston is involved.


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