Friday, March 27, 2009

Today's Blind Item!

This one practically requires an abacus. Read slowly and carefully...
Two actresses. #1 is a C lister with B list name recognition who works steadily and is married to a celebrity (#2). Our C lister has been on a couple of very popular television dramas. #3 is a B list actress who has been in this space before. Primarily television. A list name recognition. She was a lead on one of the more famous network shows ever. Anyway, at a recent party, #1 and #3 greeted each other like long lost friends. It turns out that #1 had just been paid a visit by her coke dealer right before the party. The two actresses could not stop squealing and kept looking inside #1's purse. Finally they couldn't stand it any longer and visited the bathroom. At one point during the evening they were doing it openly. They would just reach into #1's purse and do a little hit. At the end of the event, the two actresses each called their respective husbands to say they were too tired to come home and were last seen checking into an adjacent hotel where presumably they kept the party going on all night." CDaN
The B-list actress with the popular TV show in the past had a bad coke problem back when she was with her ex-boyfriend...funny guy; HUGE move in 1989; not much lately. The C-list actress could be married to a musician?


Annette said...

Jenny McCarthy? No idea??

DivaJulia said...

Goog guess...but it's not her.