Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photoshop Before and After: Kim Kardashian Style!

Oh, Photoshop.

Complex Magazine posted a pre-Photoshopped picture of Kim Kardassian on their website and Animal NY caught it before it was switched out.
You know, Kim doesn't really need to have her skin lightened like that to be pretty. (Keep in mind that I've said a thousand times, she's waaay prettier without all that hooker make-up, too.)
Remember pictures like these. No one really looks perfect. Ever.


Annette said...

They didn't have to do much touching up did they - she looks good 'au naturel'? I saw her "vid" for the first time last week lol!! Seems you can say "oh shit" repeatedly during sex to show how turned on you are?? I'm a prude and prefer a classic "oh yes". Since there's been all this Scat stuff circulating on the net i'd be wary of saying "oh shit" to my partner in case he took it as a literal invitation.

DivaJulia said...

HAHAHAAAA! What I can't believe is that stupidRayJ has a dumbass show on VH1. Wait. Why can't I believe THAT?