Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tim Gunn LOVES Anderson Cooper Sumthin' FIERCE

"Anderssssssonnnnn...we need to have a caucus!"

"Oh, Timmmmm!"

All we need is for my husband to get into the mix...Stephen is IN the Silver Fox Club with these two after all, and I think he has a slight man-crush on both of these girls.

Tim Gunn is telling OK Magazine how he keeps trying to hook up with Andy...

"He's fabulous!" Timmy went on to say, “We’ve actually been trying to have lunch for a year and a half. Both of us are so busy that we haven’t been successful doing it, but we exchange e-mails.”

If only Tim and Andy could meet Stephen--they would think he's "fabulous" just like they are!!

"Champagne cocktail, anyone?"

Hee hee.


Annette said...

Definitely fancy Anderson Cooper- wow. (Of the 3 Stephen gets 2nd place!)

Sven-golly said...

It's OK Annette...I fancy Anderson, too. In a manly, guy-appreciates-guy way...not a "Brokeback Mountain" way, mind you. Thanks for giving me 2nd!!

Annie said...

Hah. This is cute! I agree, I'm totally in love with Anderson cooper. I also love the blog! Keep it up! :]