Monday, March 30, 2009

This is Not a Test by the Emergency Broadcasting System: Victoria Beckham Wearing FLIP-FLOPS

Happy dogs.

...and boyfriend jeans. Now I've seen EVERYTHING. Victoria's poor feet must be weeping with joy. As a former stiletto junkie, I know that my feet flat out refuse to wear anything other than ballet flats (thank you, Amy Winehouse, for that lasting trend) or Nike cross-trainers. Since I was 15 (!) years old, I have worn 3+ inch heels at least 5 days a week--until the past 12 months. I have a pain in my right ankle that feels like a hot, stabbing barbecue fork pretty much all day. Even when I'm sleeping. I know it's totally related to the torture devices I subjected my feet, ankles and back (which has an artificial disc, a metal place and four screws holding my L1-S5 in place). Did you hear that? I just heard and understood the clue about those bitchy high heels .

Now run along and tell Victoria. Then tell me what she says.

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Annette said...

Q:What do you call a frenchman wearing flip-flops?
A:Philippe Pholoppe.

I know - but it amused me.