Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Northeastern Boxer Rescue - "Beamer and Duke Need Your Help."

Sweet Beamer
Precious Duke

I just received an email from the lovely folks at Northeastern Boxer Rescue. Two more sweet boxers are in need of your love and support, if you are able to help. Please meet Beamer and Duke and take a second to read their stories...

The initial diagnosis was glaucoma, and the doctor also thought Beamer had a tumor behind his eye. When he was seen by an eye specialist it was discovered that the glaucoma was secondary to an untreated blunt trauma to his right eye. Luckily there was no tumor. The Ophthalmologist determined he was blind in that eye, and said it was in Beamer’s best interest to have it removed. Since his eye has pronounced bulging the doctor said he would risk further damage if he did not have this surgery. We had him neutered and his surgery to remove his eye is scheduled for this week. Everyone who has met Beamer has remarked what a great dog he is and that he is handsome to boot. How sad it is that Beamer must lose his eye because his injury was left untreated. Again we need your help. The estimated cost for his medical bills is $1500. Can you donate to help Beamer?
A family contacted us after reading Tucker’s story with hope that we could help their three year old male boxer named Duke who they said had the same symptoms. He had been battling chronic ear infections and severe skin allergies for over two years, and his family was at the point of considering euthanasia. Like many of the dogs we get into our rescue program, a lack of finances did not allow Duke’s family to continue the recommended medical treatments. They were reluctant to give him up but could not watch him suffer any longer. They decided to surrender him to rescue when we agreed to help them. NBR made arrangements to have Duke dropped off at a vet hospital to undergo evaluation and treatment. When he arrived at the hospital his ears were so inflamed the doctors could not see into his ear canal. He was in misery with severe itching and was in extreme distress. He has responded well to the medical care he has been getting at the hospital the past week but the doctors say he will need many months of continued treatment at home. He now looks 70% better, and the inflammation in his ears has subsided enough to accept medication. Duke will be released from the hospital to one of our foster homes this week. He will arrive with several medications, a prescription food (ZD ), and instructions for his continued care. We will give an update as soon as he settles in with his foster family.
You can send a check directly to:
Northeastern Boxer RescueP.O. Box 95 Sunderland MA 01375. or use PayPal makes it easy and secure to send payments online via credit card. Boxer Rescue Contact Area: Northeastern Boxer Rescue
The wonderful, caring people at NBR understand that times are tough for everyone, and thank you all for taking a moment to think of these two sweet boxers, and so do I.
xoxo ~j


Jilly said...

Julia; Hey Mama's girl posted about these two dogs on BF. I already have a check to mail out. I think NBR does such an amazing job with their 4-footed clients. All my correspondence with them has been answered promptly...unlike some of the other rescues I won't mention.

DivaJulia said...

Jilly--I know. They are awesome and I'm always happy to help them to get the word out about these darling pups in need...