Friday, March 13, 2009

Howard K. Stern and Shady Docs MAY Have Contributed to Anna Nicole Smith's Death? Whaaa??

From THIS... THIS. Sad.
Oh boy. Here's we go, ya'll. A lengthy and very thorough investigation and then a sordid trial is a-comin'. Jesus. Poor Anna. I have a feeling they are all gonna drag her sorry name into the septic pool even more with all this. However, these doctors in particular need to be punished.

Then we have Jerry Brown, trying to get his name in the news again by heading up this circus act because he's running for the governor of California again. I lived in California when he was governor the last time...he was a constant butt of the joke. I believe he was dating Linda Ronstadt at the time and enjoyed a line of coke every now and then, if my 9th grade memory serves me right.

"Government prosecutors say Smith's boyfriend and lawyer Howard K. Stern (pictured) funneled the model prescription drugs, as has been suspected at least since the time Stern arranged a creepy video of an apparently drugged-out Smith, in clown makeup, entertaining a frightened child.

Stern has been charged with eight felonies, as have two of Smith's doctors. One of them, psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich, wrote prescriptions for Smith under false names, but claims that was only "done for privacy reasons."

When Smith died, there were 11 bottles of medication in her hotel room. Some 600 pills were missing from prescriptions issued over the prior give weeks, most in Stern's name, according to AP.

As irresistible as the case is to voyeurs and the news media, it's likely got some political upside as well: California attorney general Jerry Brown, likely running for governor soon, is pressing the case."
Wait til Nancy Grace latches onto this shit with her teeth...

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