Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm Not a Smiler.

My "normal" face.

I just finished reading one of my favorite blogs, Well Honestly Now, which I just love. Wendie posted a darling photo of her smiling face with her gorgeous little girl. It's seriously one of the sweetest pictures I've seen. Wendie mentioned how she isn't much of a smiler, which got me thinking about my lack of smiley-ness. I've been told that I seem aloof and unapproachable because I don't have a grin plastered across my mug 24/7...or even 2.4/7.

I gave my mom (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) a picture (above) of me taken on New Year's Eve (in a go-go cage with a martini in hand...hmmm) with the biggest smile I've flashed in years. It takes a lot for me to smile. I'm not sure why, though. I hear it takes more effort for facial muscles to frown than to smile. I don't believe it, for one thing, because I will always find the laziest way to do pretty much everything. It's not something I'm proud of, my slothdom, but it's deeply ingrained.

Ugh. I think I better stop with the self-flagellation before I go into detail about all my of Seven Deadly Sins...we already know gluttony and pride have been mentioned here ad nauseum. And envy. And wrath. And probably the remaining two, which I don't wanna talk about.



Annette said...

Well, not smiling is keeping you beautiful and wrinkle free. I'm off to practice the "aloof & snooty" look in the mirror! But i'll add you're doubly beautiful when you smile.

Annie said...

Love the blog! and you're gorgeous, at that! :]