Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Megan Fox: Gorgeous. Strange Thumbs.

Ladies and gentlemen, Megan Fox. Again.
Hold the phone. That forearm tattoo
and the thumb. Let's discuss.

There are two groups of Megan Fox followers on the Internet: the ones who are so infatuated with the beauty and sexiness, and the ones who are obsessed with her awful forearm tattoo of Marilyn Monroe and her oddly shaped THUMBS. Look closely at that digit. You would not BELIEVE the people out there who cannot get past those thumbs. I have more of a problem with the tattoo--this coming from someone with FOUR tattoos. The forearm tattoo is NEVER, EVER elegant.

Still. She's really pretty, even IF she's a low-rent Angelina. BOOM. Nice back-handed compliment!


Annette said...

I think she's beautiful but my thumbs are better than hers. Yay!! "MY THUMBS PISS ON MEGAN FOXES STUMPS"!! Who's the hot babe now you hobbit thumbed freak???! hahaha , i will laugh (Dr Evil style) about my newly-gained power ALL day!

Annette said...

As for the tattoo. Not a good choice at all was it. I like tattoos on men. Rarely on women. Hmmmm - if they can be hidden reasonably easily i guess they're ok. I like to keep up an illusion of class and elegance on the outside and then shock 'em with my trailer-park personality!

Annette said...

Just googled Megan's thumbs and LOL! "her thumbs look like a butt-plug - that's a good thing?"

DivaJulia said...

Ohman. The "butt-plug" quote made me gag a bit.

stormiemccloud said...

I have Megan Fox's thumbs!! I had no idea until I stumbled upon this site. She is gorgeous!!!! My boyfriend loves my thumbs... you go girl! Flaunt 'em. I always knew people are intimidated by different things and people, but THUMBS too? HAHAHA She is still beautiful! -Stormie