Friday, March 27, 2009

I Love Lebron James. LOVE Him, I Tell Ya.

King James
Beautiful Lebron, GQ Magazine

Look at that wingspan, man.

Sweet Baby King James

We named our boxer puppy James. As in, LEBRON JAMES. What we didn't realize is that we, too, have a gorgeous freak of nature on our hands. Our James is 9 months old, 26 " at the shoulder and 70 lbs. "King" Lebron James has a 7 foot wingspan and is argueably the best player in the NBA. (I do not care for Kobe, so don't even say his name, mmkay?)

So basically, this post is just an excuse to show Lebron's unfathomable talent and physical beauty. Oh yeah, and "Baby King James" and his beauty--also the reason I named this silly blog Dipped in Cream (his feet are white!).

Check this out, ya'll.


Annette said...

I saw that yesterday on a lesser website *wink*! Impressive man.

Jilly said... shizzle!! O.K. I AM impressed!!