Monday, March 16, 2009

Jesus Packs Up His Manger and Moves IN With Madonna

"...away in a manger"
Baby Jesus (who's TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS YOUNGER) than Madonna, has moved into her Manhattan apartment. She's older than I am--and her boyfriend is YOUNGER than my oldest son. Umm. ICK.
She feeds him her stupid macrobiotic diet, took him to The Kabbalah Center and converted him, and gives him baths. And other stuff.

"According to The Daily Mail the one and only one, the queen of music for so many years even moved in with her new lover only after three months after they met. It seems that Madonna is over her former marriage with Guy Ritchie and she has the energy to go into a long term relationship with a much much younger man.Jesus has quit his modeling agency in Rio de Janeiro and signed with Ford Models agency in New York. He now lives with Madonna in her Upper West Side apartment."

She's nast.

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