Monday, March 16, 2009

Jessica Simpson Must Have Amnesia

Oh, Jessica.

Wow. THIS is embarrassing. I wasn't even there, but I have such a low embarrassment-threshold that I'm cringing anyway. Seems Jess forget the lyrics to not one, but two songs during her opening spot for country band Rascal Flats in Irvine, California over the weekend.

The Orange County Register reports:

"The 40-minute set lacked energy, and Simpson seemed uncomfortable moving on stage (a challenge, for sure, in those big heels). The performance wasn't helped when Simpson screwed up the lyrics not once but twice during her set: her first mistake on "Remember That" could have been forgiven, but the crowd booed when she messed up again."

Ugh. Now let's talk clothing again. This is not an old photo. Jessica has been wearing this. Exact. Same. Outfit. Night after night, show after show. What the hell? I know her legs and boobs are her best assets (no, I'm not going for the obvious joke). Why can't someone, ANYONE help this woman get dressed?? Seriously? I volunteer. Well, not "volunteer"--she can pay me.

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