Monday, March 16, 2009

I Loathe Paltrow, Part One Million.

I don't think I could hate this bitch
any more that I do right now.

Leave it to Paltrow to piss me off first thing Monday morning. That bitchface of hers. GOD.

So you heard she opened a bitchface gym in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, right? She and Madonna share a trainer named Tracy Anderson and StupidPaltrow thought it would be a fantastic idea to open an elite/snooty/better-than-the-dirty-masses gym. Membership is $4500 plus an initiation fee of $1800, plus $400 a month user fees. Sign me the eff UP.

The funny part is: NO ONE IS JOINING. I also love that there is finally a backlash of her retarded blog called "GOOP". Oddly enough (pssh) people find Paltrow to be, how shall I phrase this...a goddamned, snobbishly aloof bitchface. No! These criticisms didn't deter Paltrow in the least. Voila:

"I think the people who are criticizing it or criticizing the idea of it, don't really get it, because if they did, they would like it..."

Paltrow said she believes some of the barbs simply stem from the fact that she's doing something new and different. "I think that people like people to stay in their 'box' - they like people to stay how they are comfortable seeing them."

Paltrow says she decided to launch the Web site, which carries the tagline, "Nourish The Inner Aspect," "because I felt like I had a lot of really useful information that I was privileged enough to get, because I have this amazing, super, fortunate life."

Oh. My. God. Because if we did "get it", we'd all just realize how she realliy IS better than all of us and we should just effing accept it.

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