Friday, March 13, 2009

Michael Jackson Makes Me Throw Up In My Mouth...A LOT.

Degenerate freeeeeak.

This news really shouldn't be a shock or surprise to me, BUT. I'm so insanely grossed out by the fact that Pervy McMolesterfield had dozens of statues and mannequins of young boys. GOD! And now, they are up for auction. Pervy tried to keep this nasty list out of public records. Really? I wonder why, you sick mofo.

Here's a sample of some of the various works of art on the 2,952 item list: "boy with accordion," "boy sitting on bricks," "boy w/ baton and hat w/ feathers," "two boys on swing bar," "two boys with ladder," "boys sleeping on bench," " boys milking goat," "boy on a toy car with girl," "boy pulling, 2 boys on a bike," "boy lifting girl," "2 boys sitting on a sunflower," "little boy with turquoise overalls on a stand," "bronze boy and girl hugging," "bronze boy carrying a fruit basket," "boys catching fish." And it goes on and on and on and on ....Jacko also has an item described as "child's upper body mannequin." In fact, he has two of those."

Whoever bids on this shit should be watched...closely by the authori-tahs.

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