Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hey, OK Magazine UK? Jade Goody IS NOT DEAD YET.

Most Disgusting Tabloid Cover EVER?

With all due respect to my British friends, I do NOT understand the Jade Goody frenzy that is going on over there. Here's what I know about Jade: She was on your version of Big Brother a few years back--and everyone despised her, for whatever reasons. She came down with the cancer, sadly and now all of a sudden she's a saint? I'm not even British (although I could be accused of WANTING to be), and I'm offended by this morbid hysteria, and the "Diana-fication" of this woman.

I get the feeling Jade, herself is at the root of everything here and the tabs are running with it, as well as paying her for it. Am I correct in my understanding that there are TV specials about her life as well? Annette? Carter? Help me out here. I know you both are probably as disgusted as I am about this.

I swear to God, if I see a procession through the streets of London with a flag over her horse-drawn coffin with sobbing citizens throwing flowers, I'll puke.


cartermagna said...

Everyday for the past month the crappiest tabloids have been extolling the virtues of St Jade.

It's strange, 12 months ago she was, and I quote, a vile, rascist pig.

Two words for you here my transatlantic beauty: Max Clifford.

He didn't go to the Crossroads to get his wealth because he was already there handing out contracts.

He's the guy that plays *you* for the fiddle of gold against your soul.

You already know my feelings on this one!

Jilly said...

I don't even know who the effin hell she IS!! But, as Julia will tell you, I don't get out much!! Haha!!

Annette said...

I'm with Carter. I don't have to boycott anything to do with J G because i'm not in the UK. But if i was i would. I hate the whole sick voyeuristic British public for wanting to follow Jade's demise in technicolour and large printed headlines. The UK should be ashamed. (As should Larry King for doing half a show speculating about Natasha Richardson like a vulture not even waiting for it's dinner's last breath before tucking in)

DivaJulia said...

That fat fuck Perez Hilton had Natasha dead yesterday afternoon, simply so he could be "first". Disgusting.

Cindylover1969 said...

Ugh, Perez Hilton. We get that fucker over here as well. And I mean literally over here... he's done radio and TV in the flesh. There's a video of him on BBC Radio 1 but I refuse to nauseate you by linking to it.

Believe me, Julia, I live here and I don't understand the JG fascination, tragic though her condition is.

Am I correct in my understanding that there are TV specials about her life as well?

As Phineas from Phineas and Ferb would say, "Yes. Yes, you are." LivingTV is obsessed with the woman for some reason - Jade's Salon, Jade, Jade's Wedding (a two-part special which got the channel's biggest-ever ratings, even bigger than America's Next Top Model)... anyway, I think we can safely say Richard Desmond (owner of OK! and a man with no apparent morals) has a suite booked in Hell.