Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kelly Clarkson really has The Voice...

Sing it, Gurrrl!

I tell ya what. I'd rather listen and see Kelly Clarkson and that powerful voice of hers any day over Mimoo Carey and all of her lame butterfly crap. 

Oh my God, you guys. Did you see Mariah (and her little dog, too) on The View yesterday? She was promoting the following:

1.) The new movie Precious, where she plays a government case worker. She wore no make-up (or "they gave me under-eye circles and a slight mustache" -- uh huh. Suuuure they had to "give" 'em to you, Mimoo). She said she had to "come to terms with how she looked on film". (Side eye. Would Meryl say that?)

2.) Her new (yawwwnnn) cd.

3.)  Her new fragrance--which Joy Behar shrieked, "DON'T SPRAY IT, MARIAH!" when Mimoo was showing the dirty masses (the viewers) how to use a bottle of cologne. I howled. Wow, is it that stinky?

It was a CRINGE-FEST on The View, y'all.

Oh, and Barbara Walters also got in a snide remark about her dog named ChaCha (the same name of Mariah's pup) NEVER peed on the dressing room this dog did. I loved every bitchy moment of this segment.

And that Sherri Shephard gets on my last nerve. Never liked her, never will.


So. The moral of the story is: Kelly Clarkson can SING, y'all. Listen to her cover Alanis and Kings of Leon. Tremendous!   

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