Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lady Gaga doesn't need Kanye's ego, thank you. Fame Kills Tour apparently DEAD.

 Lady Gaga clearly came to her senses.


Believe me. I am by no means a big fan of Lady Gaga, but GOOD FOR HER for pulling out of the Fame Kills Tour which featured both Gaga and that big a-hole Kanye West.

Do you blame her?  I think she can headline a huge tour on her own, and apparently she does, too.


"The whispers have been escalating in the media for several days, and now Live Nation has confirmed to EW that the Gaga/Kanye “Fame Kills” tour is officially off. Mediatakeout claims it’s Gaga who wanted out, not Kanye, even though she was singing his praises as recently as this week in a Las Vegas radio interview."

There are also "whispers" about Kanye needing to go to rehab. Is there such a thing as rehab for egotistical assholes? I'd love it if he took his drunk ass to Casa Palmera (  y'all). I would love to be in on that shit. Hell, if Kanye had been there when I was for ED, I might've stayed longer. Can you even begin to imagine GROUP THERAPY - With Kanye West headlining from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (with a healthy snack break, of course). Ohhh...good times.

Because it's ALL about the funny. 


Annette said...

Hahahaha! "Imma let you finish but HER eating disorder........." - Oh dear Julia - that was funny!

Madd Hadder said...

Can someone please punch Kanye West in the vagina already?