Friday, October 2, 2009

Solange Knowles in Honey Magazine !!

Let's see sister Beyonce in a grocery cart
looking FIERCE--it would never happen.

I ADORE this dress.

I watched Oprah the other day with Chris Rock promoting his new documentary, Good Hair.  It was FASCINATING. It focused on women (mainly African American, but white women as well), and the lengths we all go to have pretty hair. There was a woman who flew from Colorado to New York City to get her weave. I was stunned. It was really educational. I had no idea about the weave process, for one thing. It takes HOURS, my friends. And then the relaxing process? Goodness. Even rapper/actor, Ice-T was shown talking about how painful it is to achieve the straight, so-called "good hair". We're talking SCALP BURNING. Holy crap, y'all.


Then out came Solange Knowles with her darling pixie-ish haircut. She discussed all the time, money (over $50,000 a year!!) for weaves, wigs, and maintenance for her hair prior to cutting it all off. Honestly? I think she looks absolutely GORGEOUS now. Before, she just sort of blended in with everyone else with their weaves and wigs and hair pieces. Now it's all about HER...and her stunning features. (I saw these photos on . He's an amazing blogger friend in London. Thanks, love, for posting these pics from Honey Magazine!)

I look forward to seeing Chris's film. I can tell he made it for his little girls so that they would see the true and natural beauty within themselves. He seems like a very tuned-in and loving dad. 

I admire Chris Rock...and Solange Knowles for their authenticity and talent. This was a great show, Oprah.

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