Monday, March 2, 2009

Paul Rudd > Tom Ford. That's Your Mathematics of the Day.

Paul Rudd is my #1 Man-Crush Now
Tom Ford is still my husband's #1 Man-Crush
(Oops. He may kill me now.)

Vanity Fair Magazine is re-enacting its photo of Tom Ford with naked Scarlett Johannson and Keira Knightly from a couple years ago and replaced it with one of Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan and that dude from that "Forgetting Sarah-whatever-it-was-called" movie. Thank the Lord those other dorks are leotarded. Bleh.
Anyway! I love Paul Rudd. Hilarious? Check. Oh, so handsome? Check. Awesome with the sexy 80's dancing? Check and MATE. Check this video from The Daily Show.

I die. (Yes, I used Rachel "Raisinface" Zoe's trademarked catchphrase because I'm a goon like that.)

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