Monday, March 2, 2009

Tickets for Britney's Smoking Tour Not Selling Out, Ya'll.

Britney Spears, rehearsing for
comeback tour in New Orleans this past weekend.

It's being reported that Britney's "Circus" tour ain't sellin' out like it should be, ya'll. What? Ya'll don't wanna fork out $750 - $10,000 per ticket? (Okay, some venues have crappy seats starting at $90.) Oh Britney. Maybe Daddy Jamie shoulda waited a year for you to get all better and the ecomony to NOT be in the toilet? Hmmm....paying the electric bill, buy diapers, food, gas, rent...or see Brit-Brit lip-synch and move her arms around?

Oh, and Britney? I bet if you cut back on the Marlbs, you might just have better vocals. Well, okay. Your stamina would be improved.

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