Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Do Chris Brown, Usher, Rihanna and P. Diddy All Have in Common?

Yep. Chris Brown sure is sorry.
Just in case you forgot...

Brown chatting up some other chick in Miami last weekend.

MTV News is reporting:
"In a new video, the singer is caught slamming woman-beater Chris Brown for so publicly frolicking and sunning at Diddy's Miami pad just a few days after the pix of what he did to Rihanna surfaced.

When he saw a picture of Chris chilling on a jet ski, Usher said, "I'm a little disappointed in this photo. After the other photo? [Of Rihanna's beaten and bruised face.] C'mon, Chris. Have a little bit of remorse, man. The man's on jet skis? Like, just relaxing in Miami?"
FINALLY. A young, talented and successful African American man has taken the high road and not simply said, "I'm praying for Chris--I wish them well." I want to thank Usher for speaking out about Chris Brown's arrogance this past weekend in Miami. Seriously? Flexing your bicep muscle while riding a phallic jet ski? Eff YOU, Chris Brown.

Also reported,

"On Monday, public-relations guru Howard Bragman said the images of Brown relaxing and playing in the midst of the reported reunion with Rihanna would not have been "the first image I would want out there of him," and a number of the hundreds of readers who responded to the initial news that Brown and Rihanna were at a Miami home owned by Diddy spending their first weekend together since the alleged incident, agreed. "

Diddy's an a-hole, too. He should just shut up and worry about the Miami tranny who's tryna put the pinch on him and his "strange sexual behavior:" Hmmm. See yesterday's Blind Item. Heh. Just sayin'.

One more thing. Well, two more things. I think I said "I'm done" talking about Chris Brown and Rihanna the other day. Perhaps I'm not. Secondly, Brown is expected in court for an arraignment on Thursday, which mean this will all be pushed back for a month of so and he will get a Get Out of Jail card...or two.
What's that I hear? Oh. It's Rihanna hollerin', "...but I luhhhhh him!". Psssh.

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