Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Reviews are IN...Britney in New Orleans!

"...you say I'm crazy--I got your crazy."

The Sun has the first review of Britney's comeback in New Orleans tonight...

"BRITNEY SPEARS returned to touring duty for the first time in five years with an X-rated, bondage-heavy show. The star blew the lid off the New Orleans Arena with her adult-only antics. Male dancers sported kinky, leather outfits and masks while the Louisiana native wore some of the most revealing outfits of her career, including sheer body-suits, which left very little to the imagination.

In fact, she made support act the PUSSYCAT DOLLS look like a group of nuns. KYLIE MINOGUE's tour director produced the show, which was split into four acts. Taking her cue from some of MADONNA's more risque antics, it was pure raunch from the outset, which saw the star sporting a sexy circus mistress's uniform. Dancers tumbled from the ceiling sporting S&M masks.

During Piece Of Me the songbird, sporting a shiny PVC outfit, found herself imprisoned in a cage which was dragged around the stage. A spot of pole-dancing from the Louisiana native preceeded a segment which saw her subject to a number of magicians' tricks like being sawn in half.
Controversial track If U Seek Amy saw her bashing her dancers over the head with a pink hammer.

A Bollywood-themed section followed with the singer in traditional Indian clothing.

Shock rocker MARILYN MANSON's cover version of The Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams soundtracked a particularly eye-popping video which was aired during a segue. It featured Britney draping herself over various mask-sporting men in an orgy-style scenario. Hmmmm...Madonna's "Sex" book much? I guess the similarities have been established. I know. Beating a dead horse. Next.

But it was the penultimate Freakshow segment that was the most extraordinary of the evening, with track Slave 4 U proving the most eye-popping. Britney sporting a shiny metallic body-suit while flames erupted around the stage was just mind-boggling.

The young, parent-friendly Britney has well and truly left the building.
Welcome then, 2009's adult, X-rated older sister."

Good for Brit. But when she comes to Seattle, I won't be going. HEY. I saw her back in 1999 for the "Baby One More Time" tour with Alex and Hunter before Britney had to start workin' the pole.

Heh. I just outed my boys.

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