Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh, Britney. I GOTCHO crazy at Target!

Daisy Dukes and pink Uggs.

Britney's rockin' her circa-2007/08 look again--all we're missing is the pink wig.

Don't you wish Tim Gunn would kidnap Britney for a month and EDUCATE this little hick? I know we should just be happy she's been given 5150 50-50 custody of her boys with K-Fat, and she seems to be doing better...but really? How much better can a girl be doing dressed like THAT?

Brit, Hon? There are better choices in clothing when you feel like goin' to the Target. (You're dressed a little too Walmart-y, for one thing.) Target probably doesn't have a dress code for customers, per se, but in your case they need one, sister.  Oh, and guess what? If you dress like a normal person, you might not need a fleet of bodyguards and a goddamned helicopter flying overhead.


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