Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ohmygod, I'm gonna die. Chrisitan Siriano is getting his own show on Bravo, Bitches!

Behold the fierceness that is 
Christian Siriano - Winner of Project Runway, Season 4

Oh gurrrl. It's about GD time, y'all. I never get tired of hearing that little nasal bitch whine. I could use his blathering as background music during the day when I'm writing, just to keep me in the mood. ("Thaaaaanks, Moooood", as Tim Gunn swishes.)

Bravo will be following Christian around as he opens his own boutique and works on new collections. I love his work, his sensibilities, his gorgeous designs and EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM.


Work it OUT.


DHa said...

I can't believe I just watched all 9 minutes and 36 seconds of that... In all honesty I couldn't look away. I will definitely be adding his show to my schedule...

It's gonna be a Hot Mess

DivaJulia said...

DHa--how could you NOT watch all 9 min. 36 sec. of that. He's SUCH a diva.

Oh, it'll be a hot tranny mess up in here.

xoxo j

Jina said...

LOVE him. And what TALENT! Thank you for posting this <3

Annette said...

I watched it ALL. I've never seen him before and i thought it was the singer from Tokio Hotal with Paris Hilton doing the voice over. Love the BIG Ricky Gervais look-a-like too. If i get this on TV here i will watch it - he's hilarious.