Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Seattle's Space Needle
Happy (phallic much?) New Year!

So, be HONEST. How was YOUR 2008? Mine was horrible, terrifying, liberating, chubby, Mim-ish, full of love...for Stephen, Felix and new boxer, James. (Yes, I love the rest of the clan, too...but you know, that falls under that category of "being tolerant", doesn't it? I think THEY barely tolerate ME. Oh well. That's what happens.)

I'd love to know everyone's New Year's plans, resolutions, regrets (if any)...all of your STUFF. C'mon, TELL Mama. Tell her! I'll tell ya mine!
Oh, and my favorite lyric from a song recorded in 2008 is:

"You say I'm crazy--I GOT your crazy..."
(from Britney's "Womanizer"--classic line.)

What's YOURS?

One more thing, I'm the "Better Behaved Trainwreck" I'm referring to, this time...FYI.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tom Cruise is SUCH a Girl!

A haggard Katie and a bronzed and toned Tom
with Stinkfoot in NYC

This must be written in PINK. Good God, listen to what Tom-I'm-STRAIGHT-I-Swear! Cruise had to say about marriage and his wife "Kate". (WHY does he always change his wife's name? First Nicole Kidman became "Nic" and now "Kate". I think he likes the butchier sound of these endearments.)

"... in a recent interview with The Sun, Tom spoke about how well things are going with his family, saying, “Married life is very good, very lovely. I feel lucky to have Kate as my wife. She’s an extraordinary woman. She is funny and smart and she likes the same things that I do.” Um. God forbid she has an interest of her own!

“She’s a very strong, gracious woman, and a great comedian. I like doing romantic things, such as bringing flowers and surprising her with things. I love candlelit evenings with nice music, “ Cruise adds. " Where are the quiet walks on the beach? Is this an ad for E-Scientology, I mean, E-Harmony?

Tom Cruise totally sounds like a queer trying to sound straight. Oh, and you should all realize by now that I have it on very good authority that what I am insinuating is probably true.

Bristol Palin Names L'il Redneck "Tripp"

Them Alaskan Kids

People magazine won the bidding war for the first pics of Bristol Palin’s baby — for a $300K price tag, reportedly. Psssh.

"According to one source, bidding for the baby photos began at $100,000. People won out in the end, but In Touch was the only other weekly to make serious bids, according to several sources involved in the process.
The price didn’t soar immediately, according to the sources, because Sarah Palin stories just didn’t sell all that well for the weeklies on newsstands.
“Sarah was on the cover of People, Us Weekly, and OK! the same week, and really only People saw a bump in sales,” says a source.
The drug-related arrest of Johnston’s mother, however, caused the price tag for the photos to go up.
“The bidding started well before the baby was born, but once Levi’s mom was arrested — well, then you had a story,” says one editor."
Lovely. Gam-Gam's into The Meth, so the "pitchers" sold fer more. Awesome. Set the money aside fer "Tripper's" bail in about 17 years. Oh, and who here doesn't believe that teenaged ma and pa are gonna git married at all? Not in a MILLION.

Oh, Yes! St. Barts for the Holidays!

Daniel (gulp) Craig on holiday in St. Bart's

Daddy Dave and Harry

Giorgio Armani in St. Bart's

I just asked my husband, Stephen, "holy crap! Who isn't in St. Barts for the holidays?" He said, "us". Hmmph. I guess we are the only ones who didn't get to spend Christmas in French Indies island of St. Barts. Barbeque sauced Donatella Versace was there, as we talked about earlier, Daniel Craig, Marc Jacobs, stupidEddieMurphy, even my beloved David Letterman was spotted jogging and taking son Harry, 5, for a walk!

So. Georgio Armani? He's 74 years old! Stephen promised me he'd look that good when he's that age (which I believe!). I just told him I wouldn't look like Donatella Versace. That's the best I can promise. (Scroll down to previous post regarding the "lovely" Donatella, please.) Bleh.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Secrets, Lies, Truth, Laughter and Love

My Best Friend.
Jack and Karen: Our alter-egos

Patrick gave me away...

at my wedding and
...was my Man of Honor, and

held the bouquet more than I did.

I've been harboring a secret. I was told something earth-shattering about my best friend Patrick, by his partner (whom I've never really gotten along with, but we'll deal with that another time). The call came out of the blue from Saul (that's not Patrick's partner's name, but it's an inside joke, so that's what I'll call him). Saul Rosenthal blurts out to me that Patrick has full-blown AIDS. We hung up. I threw up.

I was told by Saul not to tell Patrick that I know he's sick. Keep in mind, guys, Patrick and I talk on the phone 6-7 times PER DAY. Not kidding at all. That often. We've been BEST friends since 1997. We both worked at Nordstrom in the Men's Department. We went to Taco Bell for lunch one day; I bought the "Ray of Light" cd by Madonna that same day and we were off and running for the time of our lives for years to come. And I'm supposed to keep this announcement to myself? Oh. OKAAAAY. This was on December 5th. I really do think there should be a special Oscar category for the performance I played so beautifully for almost 4 weeks. "Best Performance of a Cover-Up by a Best Friend", I think would suffice.

For the first few days, it was absolutely excruciating pretending to Patrick that I didn't know, but pretty soon, I was just fine at playing the part. Maybe if I keep prentending it will all just go away? Yeah, because that's how life works, Scarlett. "Think about it tomorrow" and see how far THAT gets you. Of course, I told my family, who all consider Patrick to be part of us...our family, so I had an outlet with them, especially Stephen.

Our telephone conversations were as silly and ridiculous as ever--sometimes even more-so. One day in particular, Patrick and I were both crying we laughed so hard. I started choking in the sink. There is no one else on this earth who does that to or with me...just Patrick.

Patrick slowly began to realize through conversations with Saul that I knew. He called. He questioned me. I questioned him back. We danced around the subject until I said, "You need to say it to me!". He told me the truth. He knew that I knew it was a relief for him to talk to me and not have to talk about his health. That's why I never said anything. I knew it was a reprieve from his illness. That, and I knew we were both afraid that EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE. It didn't. It won't.

Someday I'll write a book about us. Right now, I just need to be able to write what comes to me.


Dude? I'm totally trying to figure out what to write about today. I got nothin'.

The Obamas still haven't figured out what kind of puppy to bring into the White House (a BOXER!! Durrrr!), no new pictures of the Jolie-Pitt clan (although, I am sure they are reading my blog; my tracker indicates that someone in the Provence region of France found their way to Dipped In Cream--seriously, who else could it be?), and I refuse to write about Lindsay Lohan's dumbass dad, Michael's stupid blog where he talks shit about Samantha. LEAVE SAMANTHA ALONE!

My coccyx (tailbone, people) still freakin' hurts from the fall I took a week and a half ago. I'm not going to the doctor because he'll just laugh at me. "Listen, lardass, at least you had cushion to fall on this year!" So, no thanks. I caught Felix's cold, due to being coated with every single bodily fluid he could drip, wipe, spray or squish on me. (Gross enough for ya?) So my head is throbbing and my nose is stuffy and I'm being a big baby today...takin' my "Tussin", as Chris Rock says.

Bleh. I'll come back and whine some more later.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Separated at Birth! Prince William and Prince Alex...Boy, am I gonna get in trouble for THIS.

Prince William
Prince William, I mean Alexander

The thing is, we've always called Alex "Prince William". They both were unusual babies: large noses, huge pale eyes, and born into Royalty, things like that. Heh. So, ever since Alex was a toddler, he's had these EXPECTATIONS. For instance, my mom (the boys call her "Mima") took Alex for a walk downtown when he was about 2 1/2 years old. A woman passed them and Alex said to Mima, in perfect diction, "that lady did not say 'hi' to me". He was pretty indignant for such a little man. He expected (and still does) for everyone to stop and admire him in complete wonder and awe.
So if you see Alex, make sure to stop and say 'hi', at the very least.

Salma Hayek is Smoking *cough* Hot...

Good job, Mom. Bleh.

Oh brother. Salma Hayek finds it necessary to smoke two feet from her daughter, Valentina. And didn't Salma just say she was "addicted to breastfeeding"? Now we know Valentina is addicted to it, too.

Harvard Medical School states:

Women are strongly encouraged to breastfeed but the ones who smoke are more likely to have a lower milk supply, and those who do breastfeed tend to wean their babies earlier than women who don’t smoke. Studies indicate that smoking more than 10 cigarettes per day decreases milk production and alters milk composition. Furthermore, mothers who smoke are more likely to think that their milk supply is inadequate and are less motivated to breastfeed. Finally, breastfed babies whose mothers smoke more than 5 cigarettes daily exhibit behaviors (e.g. colic and crying) that may promote early weaning.
In addition, because smoking is associated with sleep disturbances in adolescents and adults, researchers have begun to look at the sleeping patterns of babies breastfed by mothers who smoke. They found that the infants of mothers who smoke just before nursing have shorter sleep times and altered sleep architecture.

Georg Matt, psychologist :
Secondhand smoke can be extremely dangerous for babies. Among other things, it weakens their lungs, makes them more prone to ear infections, and doubles the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). At the very minimum, you should make sure nobody smokes anywhere in your house, no exceptions.Cigarettes are incredibly effective devices for spreading harmful chemicals, including nicotine and carbon monoxide, all over your house. If you light up in one room, the smoke will be detectable in the entire house within minutes, and that includes the baby's room. The chemicals and particles that make secondhand smoke so dangerous will immediately stick to just about everything in the house, including carpets, walls, furniture, and even stainless steel. Over the next few weeks and months, these contaminants will be slowly released back into the air — the same air that your baby breathes.
Back in 1984, I placed my 6-week old baby, Alex, in a daycare situation with a woman who smoked like a chimney...INSIDE the house. I was young and uneducated about the horrors of second-hand smoke back then. Almost to the day, Alex came down with his first ear infection at 6 months of age. I had NO IDEA the cigarettes were probably to blame. He was so sickly...we lived at the pediatrition's office. They never asked about someone smoking around him, so I never gave it a thought. I just hated that he came home smelling like he had been at the hotel bar all day--back when you could smoke in public places. Alex's ear infections stopped when he was 6 years old (and no longer in need of daycare--I stayed home when Hunter was born), but he has been rather frail his whole life. Hunter, who never was never around cigarette smoke was always healthy and robust. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

J.Lo is Spying on Marc "Skeletor" Anthony

Maahc 'n Jennifuh, from da Bwonx

Page Six is reporting:
Jennifer Lopez was so concerned that Marc Anthony might cheat on her while he was on tour, she sent her assistants along with him.
I hope she's spying on him so she has proof that he's a complete A-hole and can use it against him. Then she can be free from the shackles of this weasel.
Wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago when Jennifer Lopez attended the premiere (SOLO!) for ...Benjamin Button? You know, when she was drop-frickin' gorgeous in her cream satin gown, without her wedding ring? (And I want to address that issue: Happily married people DO NOT just decide to stop wearing their wedding rings--particularly in the same time frame. Why even have wedding rings at all if they are just worn as the occasional "accessory"? I call bullshit on ALL of that talk.)
So anyway, look how Jen is "told" (by Marc, of course) to dress when they go out together. She looks fresh off "The 6" train from the Bronx into Manhattan. That ponytail? That "Forever-Hoochie-21" dress? Those earrings? OMG--I just noticed her BRASTRAP!! What the GDH? Is that a stupid Bluetooth hanging from his ear? JENNIFER LOPEZ is his WIFE--what call could be that important? Oh, wait. Nevermind. I think that's just a piece of his greasy hair out of place. Ewwww.

Donatella Versace Asks: "Who Wants BBQ Chicken Wings for Dinner?"

The lovely and appealing Donatella Versace

I could really go off on this chick...wait, she's no longer a "chick" and HASN'T been for a good 20 years. Remember? Her poor daughter, Allegra is anorexic and was supposedly receiving "medical help" for her dire condition. I hope her mother isn't the one "helping" her. Holy Lord. The photo above was taken during Donatella's holiday in St. Barts on Christmas Eve. I really do think there is such a thing as too tan, don't you? She looks completely slathered in Kraft honey-mustard barbeque sauce. That's good eatin' folks. And what's going on with her upper lip? I thought cocaine left a residue around one's nostrils. (Hey, it's JUST A RUMOR! Heh.)

Dipped in Cream's Holiday Share Time!

We're in the last few hours of Christmas Day here on the West Coast. I'm feeling particularly happy and blessed, as I hope all you are, too. We ate, drank and were very merry. We opened our prezzies on Christmas Eve, which I just love doing. I'd like to share a few photos from our usual, some are ridiculous.

Darling, smiling Dayna
Do NOT bug us when we're dancing
to "Womanizer"!

Because I have two 12-year old adult sons.

A White Christmas!

Baby James's First Christmas

Off our back deck

Beautiful snowy Hunter

My darling Stephen, opening the
"Beautiful Firenze" book I made for him.

Every Christmas, someone has to get drunk, don't they?
My favorite present? Watching Stephen, Alex and Dayna (and my mom) open photographic books that I made just for them. I took these pictures and dealt with a wonderful online company who specializes in binding and printing your photos after you upload your edited photos. It was so creatively rewarding to assemble and make the book myself. The end products were just fantastic. Please do go to the link to see the books for yourself!

Michael Vick's Dogs - Latest Sports Illustrated Cover Story

What a wonderful Holiday cover story.

This is a bit long, but so worth the read:

By Jim Gorant, Sports Illustrated:

Since being rescued 20 months ago from the dogfighting ring financed by Michael Vick, all but a few of the abused pit bulls have been recovering in sanctuary, foster care and adoptive homes. Now even the most traumatized of them can have a happy new year.
The dog approaches the outstretched hand. Her name is Sweet Jasmine, and she is 35 pounds of twitchy curiosity with a coat the color of fried chicken, a pink nose and brown eyes. She had spent a full 20 seconds studying this five-fingered offering before advancing. Now, as she moves forward, her tail points straight down, her butt is hunched toward the ground, her head is bowed, her ears pinned back. She stands at maybe three quarters of her height.
She gets within a foot of the hand and stops. She licks her snout, a sign of nervousness, and looks up at the stranger, seeking assurance. She looks back to the hand, licks her snout again and begins to extend her neck. Her nose is six inches away from the hand, one inch, half an inch. She sniffs once. She sniffs again. At this point almost any other dog in the world would offer up a gentle lick, a sweet hello, an invitation to be scratched or petted. She's come so far. She's so close.
But Jasmine pulls away.
PETA wanted Jasmine dead. Not just Jasmine, and not just PETA. The Humane Society of the U.S., agreeing with PETA, took the position that Michael Vick's pit bulls, like all dogs saved from fight rings, were beyond rehabilitation and that trying to save them was a misappropriation of time and money. "The cruelty they've suffered is such that they can't lead what anyone who loves dogs would consider a normal life," says PETA spokesman Dan Shannon. "We feel it's better that they have their suffering ended once and for all." If you're a dog and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals suggests you be put down, you've got problems. Jasmine has problems.
They began in 2001, about the same time Vick started cashing NFL paychecks and bought a 15-acre plot of land at 1915 Moonlight Road in Smithville, Va. The property sits across from a Baptist church. A bright green lawn surrounds a white brick house that has a pool and a basketball court in the backyard and is bordered by a white picket fence. When Vick bought the land, the house didn't exist and wouldn't be built for a few years. It wasn't a priority. The Atlanta Falcons' new quarterback never intended to live there.
Beyond the house, shrouded by trees, were five sheds painted black from top to bottom, including the windows and doors. Past them were scattered wire cages and wood doghouses. Farther still, where the trees got thicker, two partly buried car axles protruded from the ground. This was the home of Bad Newz Kennels, the dogfighting operation that Vick and three of his buddies started a year after Vick became the first pick of the 2001 NFL draft. When local and state authorities busted the operation in April 2007, 51 pit bulls were seized, Jasmine among them.
By most estimates Jasmine is around four years old, which means she was most likely born into Bad Newz, and her life there fit the kennel's name. A few of the dogs, probably pets, were kept in one of the sheds. The fighters and a handful of dogs that Bad Newz housed for other people lived in the outdoor kennels. The rest -- dogs that were too young to fight, were used for breeding or were kept as bait dogs for the fighters to practice on -- were chained to the car axles in the woods.
The water in the bowls was speckled with algae. Females were strapped into a "rape stand" so the dogs could breed without injuring each other. Some of the sheds held syringes and other medical supplies, and training equipment such as treadmills and spring bars (from which dogs hung, teeth clamped on rubber rings, to strengthen their jaws). The biggest shed had a fighting pit, once covered by a bloodstained carpet that was found in the woods.
According to court documents, from time to time Vick and his cohorts "rolled" the dogs: put them in the pit for short battles to see which ones had the right stuff. Those that fought got affection, food, vitamins and training sessions. The ones that showed no taste for blood were killed -- by gunshot, electrocution, drowning, hanging or, in at least one case, being repeatedly slammed against the ground.
It's impossible to say what Jasmine saw while circling the axles deep in the woods, but dogs can hear a tick yawn at 50 yards. The sounds of the fights and the executions undoubtedly filtered through the trees.
"Multiple studies have shown that if you take two mammals, say rats, and put them in boxes side by side, then give the first one electric shocks, the reaction of the second one -- in terms of brain-wave and nervous-system activity -- will be identical," says Stephen Zawistowski, a certified applied animal behaviorist and an executive vice president of the ASPCA. "The trauma isn't limited to the animal that's experiencing the pain."
In a sense, then, whatever atrocities any of the dogs suffered at 1915 Moonlight Road, all of them suffered. So one would think that April 25, 2007, the day law-enforcement officials took the dogs from the Vick compound, would have been a good one for Jasmine.
The remainder of this article, both horrific and wonderful, can be found at
Michael Vick is a monster. God bless these dogs and the people who are rehabilitating them.

Romeo Beckham was Named Appropriately

Romeo Beckham on Dad's lap. (Brooklyn, left.)
The Beckhams out on Christmas Eve

Now listen. I'm speaking as a regular MOTHER who happens to have a son who, like Romeo Beckham (holding his mum's hand), never went through the "awkward stage" and became a model at age 12 (Hunter), so don't get all weird on me whe I say this: Romeo Beckham is going to be drop-dead gorgeous. His brothers are cute, don't get me wrong, but honestly? Romeo is unusually beautiful. What six year old has cheekbones like his? He most certainly got the best of each of his parents. Whatever the elusive "It" is--Romeo's got It.

In 15 years, I predict he'll be People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive".

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

President-elect Obama's Memorial for "Toot"

A Lovely Memorial for "Toot"

The Honolulu Star Bulletin reports:

"For President-elect Barack Obama and his family, yesterday was a day of remembrance.Pool reporters following Obama were kept away as he and a group of friends and family members held a private memorial service in Nuuanu for his grandmother Madelyn Payne Dunham, who raised him here in Hawaii.Afterward, Obama and his family scattered Dunham’s ashes off a windy Lanai Lookout."

Rest in Peace, Toot.

Merry Christmas from Dipped in Cream!

YAY!! It's Christmas!!

I had this big, fat post all edited for the holidays--but it sounded like one of those awful Christmas Letters you get from the von Braggerssen Family every year. So, I'm just going to wish you all a lovely Christmas...and I'll try to keep a civil tongue in my head when the family arrives later tonight to celebrate.
Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Too Much Random DNA Found at Paris Hilton's House to Determine Burglary Suspect

Okay, EWWW on that title.

Seen here standing by her HIDEOUS new pink Bentley yesterday, Paris Hilton is confident that whoever burglarized her home has been there before. "We have some suspects that I'm thinking of," she tells E! News:

"Obviously it's devastating and disturbing that someone was in my home," Hilton said. "[But] we have three security guards there and a 24-hour guard who is always on my property. We have the alarm on, [we have] the dogs, the guards with the gun, so no one is going to be coming into my house."Hilton also has a message for the person or persons responsible for shattering her sense of security:"I would tell them to please return my things, because I know they're probably watching E! News right now, to return everything and that's it," she told us."They just have to anonymously have a taxi drop it off in my front gate in a box with my jewelry and everything. They won't get in trouble. But if all this goes on for much longer, they're going to get in more trouble."

"Shattering her sense of security"? Oh brother, Paris.

God, I hate myself for loving that skirt of hers.

Jacko's Not Dead Yet...

but I think I'M dying now after seeing this photo...I need to go heave over the toilet. BRB.
Okay, so whoever started those "rumors" about Michael Jackson dying? Apparently, premature.
"Ian Halperin, an author working on a Jacko biography, claimed Jackso was suffering from from Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency and needed a lung transplant.
Jacko's official rep told People that the story is a "total fabrication" and "Mr. Jackson is in fine health and finalizing negotiations with a major entertainment company and television network for both a world tour and a series of specials and appearances." Oh SURE! A tour? Specials and appearances? LIES, I tell ya! All LIES.

Have Yourself a Stinkfoot Little Christmas...

That KID isn't wearing sock again!
Does anyone ELSE see that snow?

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Stinkfoot! Cold-ass, sweaty STINKFOOT. No coat, her GD feet never touch the ground and how much do 2 1/2 year olds weigh these days? (Not counting the Maury Povich Show favorite, My 2-Year Old Weighs 200 Pounds toddlers.) Honest to Pete. I know that when I'm doing the rock-rock dance with 5 month old Felix, all wrapped up in his Little Giraffe Satin Trim Chenille blanket (pale baby blue and latte` brown, not pink!), he seems to double in size and weight. I can barely hold on to him, that blanky adds so much bulk.

But back to the sockless wonder. What the hell??? It's 27 degrees in NYC. Doncha love how I always know the temperature in Manhattan?

Merry Christmas, Ya'll!!!! Britney's Cards Are Here!

Oh Britney Jean! What a difference a year makes!! No dyed black weave stickin' out of a pink wig, no British accent, no stinky Uggs...just these "Christmas Cards". Poor thing. Since Brit had to give dad, Jamie a raise and pay her brother $200,000 (for WHAT, I still don't understand), and pay her attorneys upwards of $1 million, she had to self-timer these "pitchers", turn 'em fancy black 'n white and take 'em down to the Walmart for printin'.

Nicely done, Brit.

More Proof That Kim Kardashian is Gorgeous

Love the gold bracelets/bikini combo!
Kim is SLAMMIN'!

I can't get enough of Kim Kardashian. Okay, that's probably not true, but gosh, she's a natural beauty. The photo of her at the beach is fantastic...then POW! Check her out in her 2009 calendar. She's a doll!

Katie Holmes Looks Worn-OUT.

"I need a nap, dude."

Well, her bag and coat are pretty at least.

"Katie Holmes bundles up and walks out of her apartment to below freezing temperatures with her favorite green Balenciaga handbag in tow in New York City on Monday.
The 30-year-old actress just celebrated her birthday last week!

All My Sons, starring Katie Holmes, John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest closes Jan. 11. Also on Jan. 11, Tom Cruise is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Tropic Thunder at the Golden Globes, creating a scheduling conflict for the couple.
Katie’s decided to stay and her do last show,” Ina Treciokas, Katie’s rep tells Fox News. “She won’t be going with Tom to the Globes. The cast of All My Sons has been like a family and they want to end it together.”

Now, this is kinda off-subject here, but I'm just Scientologists actually believe in the true meaning of Christmas? I'm not being (totally) mean--I'm just wondering. And how does Xenu enter into it all? And can she ask Santa/Xenu for a cold-sore-free year in 2009? The poor dear--that thing looks like it HURTS.

Katie looks whooped, man. I thought she was just having a bad day, but wow, there are waaay too many pictures of her looking rough lately. Yep, I love her bag and her white coat, but I can't quit looking at her puffy eyes and skin pallor. I think she needs some real quality time with her family--and by "family", I mean her mom and dad in Ohio. "Project Rescue Katie Before 2009"!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Angelina's German Cosmopolitan Cover

Das Angelina

Below is a translated exerpt from the interview with Angelina in next month's German Cosmo:

"How do you find time for your family, acting career and your commitment as a UN ambassador?Well I do take my time outs. And most of all I do receive support from Brad. We are a good team. That is important to me and gives me strength.
This is a beautiful idea, but I cannot sit quietly while others die of hunger and children. My commitment for the United Nations I do not want to abandon. The play has no greater priority. In February, I still turn a movie, then I suppose one years off.

How can you survive each day without a nervous breakdown?

I’m very disciplined. I have a balanced diet and among other things I do Pilates. If I’m fit I feel more comfortable and I do have a lot more energy.
In Changeling you play the role of a mother whose son disappears without a trace. That’s not a easy role. Absolutely. Just the idea of such a possibility made me go completely crazy. Initially, I wanted to cancel it. But the strength and self abandonment of this woman made be accept the role."
Your laugh for the day is trying to imagine Jennifer Aniston in a role like Angie's in Changeling. HAHAHAAA! That'll be the day.

Merry Christmas, Ya'll--Barack is TOPLESS!

With all this security, this pic was still snapped!

Yeah, I know. I just wrote about Madonna being "all kinds of inappropriate" but, DAY-UMM. Our President-Elect is H.O.T. I mean, literally--he's in Hawaii for the holidays and just had to take his shirt off due to the heat. Heh.

Thank you, Mr. President-Elect, thank you very much!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Madonna and Jesus. Merry Christmas, Guy Ritchie.

Drop-dead GORGEOUS, Jemima Khan.
Take THAT, Madonna.
"Newly divorced Guy Ritchie isn’t wasting any time finding female comfort in London. He and millionaire heiress Jemima Khan attended a holiday dinner party at the home of Matthew Freud and Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert Murdoch.
Other party-goers included Stella and Mary McCartney, Lily Allen, Mick Jagger and Kevin Spacey.
The gorgeous and rich English socialite is 33 years old and divorced with two sons, age 12 and 9. She was romantically linked to actor Hugh Grant for three years but the couple parted company in 2007. Several London tabloids are reporting that Simon Cowell, who recently parted ways with Terri Seymour, is also interested in Khan.
Eeeewwwww. Simon Cowell?? Jemima would be a fooool to choose him over handsome Guy.

Looky what Madonna put under her, um, tree.

Ugh, and meanwhile Madonna is being all KINDS of Christmas inappropriate.

According to Page Six, Madonna met the model Jesus Luz on a photo shoot for W Magazine in Rio de Janeiro, then asked him to join her on tour in Sao Paolo. A source revealed to Page Six: "Everyone knows they're ficando - which is a Portuguese expression that means they are kissing and doing other things but without any obligation of being faithful or getting into a relationship afterwards."

I looked up the meaning of ficando. Apparently it's Portuguese slang for eff you see kay-ing a young man named Jesus at Christmastime for sport.

Please forgive me for that last falls under that category of: I'm just tellin' ya what I heard. Bleh. Sorry.

Where's the Listerine?

Samantha Ronson is Really Tired, Man.

Sam just needs a snack and a nap.

Listen, YOU try keeping up with Lindsay! I knew Sam's morning IV of Red Bull and vodka was gonna catch up with her eventually.

"X17 photographers witnessed Lindsay's g-friend Samantha Ronson rushed to the hospital just an hour ago!
Lindsay and an assistant escorted Sam from her Los Feliz home to a local hospital. Sam and Lindsay were in the back seat of the car - Samantha lying down on Linday's lap the whole time. (Luckeeeeee.)
Sam was taken from the car into the emergency entrance of the hospital in a wheelchair."

Seems that Sam isn't getting enough to eat or enough sleep. I tell ya what: If Sam had come to Casa Palmera aka Paloma Picasso when I was there, I never woulda left. (Until SHE did, of course!) I'm totally queer for Sam AND Lindsay. There. I said it.

Oh Great. Another Duggar Dork is Born.

The Dorkker Family

ROGERS, Ark. — An Arkansas woman has given birth to her 18th child.
Michelle Duggar delivered the baby girl by Caesarean section Thursday at Mercy Medical Center in Rogers. The baby, named Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar, weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces and was 20 inches long.
"The ultimate Christmas gift from God," said Jim Bob Duggar, the father of the 18 children. "She's just absolutely beautiful, like her mom and her sisters."

"Jim Bob Duggar is 43, a year older than his wife. Their oldest child, Joshua, is 20.
The other Duggar children, in between Joshua and Jordyn-Grace, are Jana, 18; John-David, 18; Jill, 17; Jessa, 16; Jinger, 14; Joseph, 13; Josiah, 12; Joy-Anna, 11; Jeremiah, 9; Jedidiah, 9; Jason, 8; James, 7; Justin, 6; Jackson, 4; Johannah, 3; and Jennifer, 1.
"Our whole family is excited about Jordyn's addition to our family," Jim Bob Duggar said. "She's just perfect in every way." "

I'm so busy shaking my head (as in NO!) that I can hardly type. "Jinger" with a J ?? Oh man, I just caught that one. (I know that's trivial compared to the "THEY JUST HAD THEIR 18th KID" thing, but jeez--with a J.) How come she gets the stripper name and not the bible-y name? Obviously, I can't wrap my ever-lovin' brain about all this, since I'm obsessing over the name of kid #6.

Supposedly these dorks live on $5000 a month and are debt-free. Those are some mighty fine hand-me-downs they are passin' around. ANYway. I'm tryin' not to be too terribly mean. I actually feel sorry for the teenagers, especially. Do any of the girls even know who Zac Efron is? For that matter, do the boys know who (ugh) Miley Cyrus is? One of these kids, and it's probably gonna be JINGER, is going to HELLA rebel. I can't wait.

Mash-Ups are All the Rage!

"Every Car You Chase", Snow Patrol and The Police

This is one of the coolest things I've heard in a LONG time....enjoy!

My Favorite "Separated at Birth"...

"I'll just have root beer, thanks Sweetie!"
"and I said, no, no, no..."

Don't make me say it again...I KNOW this is mean. I can't help it. I think it's some kind of sense of humor disorder (SOHD, I just coined that), but the fact that Adam Sandler's daughter Sadie looks so much like Amy Winehouse is freaking' hilarious to me. It's like being in 3rd grade having a case of the naughty giggles. Un. Con. Trollable.
I'm making this a regular item here on Dipped in Cream...get used to it, ya'll.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Victoria Beckham Doesn't Enjoy the Westing Palace Hotel in Milan.

"David, get me out of here before I vomit! Hey--
no bulimia jokes, love."

"Victoria Beckham leaving the Westing Palace Hotel in Milan. Apparently The Beckham's had a reservation at the Westing Palace, which is the AC Milan corporate hotel, but Victoria did not like the hotel room so they went to the Four Seasons Hotel instead."
Oh, Sweetie...I KNOW. A "corporate hotel"? Please. How could they?? It sounds like they put you up in an Extended Stay by the airport. I can just imagine the tacky orange and brown one-room accomodations they tried to inflict upon you. Then, you had to bully David into telling the AC Milan underlings that it just wasn't fitting for someone of your stature to remove her coat, let alone sleep in such a hovel. The things you have to deal with...honestly. I don't know HOW you get through your days without your hair bursting into flames of anger.

I know, honey. There, there.