Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brad Pitt, Looking NORMAL on the Cover of WIRED

Bradley Pitt, age 45

Here's the thing about Hollywood dudes: It's all just "awesome" when they make funny faces, have a little gray goin' on, obvious sun damage to their skin, and (gasp!) wrinkles. Oh, believe me, I know I'm stating the obvious about the total double standard for men and women in Hollywood. Can you imagine, oh I don't know, ANY of today's actresses "of a certain age" doing a cover like this? First of all, the foreheads and eyebrows would be unable to achieve Brad's smart-ass look. Hey. I just though of something. Maybe some of the women actually HAVE shot covers like this--but we just couldn't tell!!


Ahem. What are YOU lookin' at??

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