Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jon Gosselin, you know--that creepy dude in the Ed Hardy t-shirt.

"Here's to Kate, because without HER,
I wouldn't be in St. Tropez with my girlfriend!"

How to spot a Complete Douche:
Hairplugs, ciggie, tarty-girlfriend and an Ed Hardy t-shirt!

Yeeesh. Ick. Nast. All that shit. I've been putting off writing this blog for two days now, but my eyeballs keep getting scorched with photos of King Douchebag Jon Gosselin in St.-freaking-Tropez, of all places. Jesus H. I'll bet his wildest dreams never even knew this place existed and now he's trotting around the South of France as if he's George Hamilton.

"Jon is meeting with Christian Audigier, one of the bigwigs of the Ed Hardy clothing line. And Hailey is there for more than just fun - we've learned she wants to launch her own line of shoes and sandals so Jon promised her a meeting with the Ed Hardy people!

Hailey is the daughter of Kate Gosselin's doctor Lawrence Glassman, who performed Kate's tummy tuck. Hailey is 22, Jon is 32. (And Kate had her tummy-tuck how long ago?? This crap has been going on for a good while, ya'll.)

Hailey was busted by cops for possession of marijuana, hashish and hashish oil in 2005 and a male friend described her as "one of the most wild women I've ever met."

On May 24 Jon and Hailey were caught slipping into the Bourbon Street bar in Nyack and were caught on surveillance tapes obtained by Radaronline enjoying drinks. As they left Jon was spooked by a photographer out front and fled through the back alley, cell phone in hand. By then, Hailey told pals, she and Jon had been secretly dating "for several months."

Honestly. How many more kids do I have to worry about now? Jon and Kate's EIGHT children and Michael Jackson's THREE children. And lest we forget, Michael Jackson was renting the Ed Hardy dude's house when he died. See how it all comes full-circle?

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