Friday, July 17, 2009

Madonna Struggles Through Concert in France

Madonna pays tribute to
victims of collapsed stage
in France

The stage collapse in France at the Velodrome Arena that occurred yesterday, while preparing for Madonna's concert is just tragic. I'm surprised accidents like this don't happen more often, frankly. It goes to show you that the folks behind the scenes do NOT have an easy job. Do you ever really look at the intricacies of a stage when you go to shows? I'm fascinated by the fact that these people build and then tear down, sometimes every single night, very large and detailed visuals, lighting and staging.

Via BBC:

Aftermath of the stage collapse at the 60,000 seater Velodrome

"A second person has died following the collapse of a stage being constructed for a Madonna concert in France.

Charles Prow, a 23-year-old from Headingley in Leeds, died overnight at a hospital in Marseille.

Technicians had been setting up the stage at the city's Velodrome stadium when the partially-built roof fell in on Thursday, bringing down a crane.

Madonna said she was "devastated" by the news. Her concert, planned for Sunday, has been cancelled.

Charles Criscenzo, a 53-year-old French worker, was killed outright in the accident...

Eight other people were seriously hurt, including an American who was hospitalised in a life-threatening condition.

More than 30 people suffered minor injuries and shock, according to authorities.

Madonna stopped her show last night to pay tribute to the two men who lost their lives in the collapse:

"Before I continue the show I want to take a moment to acknowledge and pay tribute to two people who lost their lives today. I don't know if you've heard. Two men building my show in Marseille where we're going next - the crane fell and we don't know why. (Madonna names them, Brit Charles Prow, 32, and Frenchman Charles Criscenzo, 53). I hate to be associated with suffering. I want to pay tribute to their families. Let's take a moment to appreciate our family, loved ones, friends around us."

It's great that Madonna paid tribute to these men.

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