Thursday, July 2, 2009

Video of Michael Jackson's Last Rehearsal

As promised:

What do you guys think? I think Michael looks good. Thin, sure. He was always trim. It was a rehearsal, so he's not gonna give the white lightning performance he would give during a real concert...AND he was 50 years old. There's no way that after 40 odd years of dancing that he wouldn't have suffered some kind of joint and back pain. I could understand needing pain medication, I really could...but not anesthesia as a sleep-aid. That is the product of a horrible decision by a physician.

I'm watching Jermaine Jackson on Larry King at Neverland Ranch (and Larry's being his usual dorky, non-listening self--it reminds me of Martin Short's character, "Jiminy Glick, Celebrity Interviewer", who would say when asked about what makes a good interviewer: "I think listening is a mistake". Yeeesh, it's painful to watch, but Jermaine is doing well, given the circumstances.

I love how I said I was only going to post one update per day regarding Michael--and I think I've done, what THREE today? Four? I've lost count. Oh brother.

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Annette said...

I'm happy that he looked as if he still had 'it'. At least that's a positive and pleasant thought to have during all this media crap about who gets what and who gets whom. Nice last images to remember him by.