Monday, July 13, 2009

Joe Jackson Would LOVE to Sign The Jackson 3 to His New Record Label!

Paris, Prince and Blanket

Oh, good grief. That crazy, abusive old man, Joe Jackson simply has no shame. Michael's biographer has gone on the record as saying Joe wants to re-create the success of his sons--The Jackson 5, with Michael's kids Prince, Paris and Blanket.

Jackson’s biographer Ian Halperin said yesterday: “Joe wants the children to go on a world tour in 2010. He has also already offered recording contracts to two of Michael’s kids. Now he is talking about getting them the world’s best backing band and taking them on tour as The Jackson Three.”

Remember Oprah's interview with Michael several years ago? You know. The one where Michael said he was so terrified of his father and the beatings he received from him that it made him "regurgitate"? I'd like to join him in that right about now. (Hmm. I guess I'd be doing it alone...)

Oh, and another thing, and I don't expect this to be a particularly popular post. I've had several conversations about the whole Michael Jackson thing with various friends and one special friend of mine said, "the poor thing" with regard to Michael and his addiction issues. In some ways, I absolutely agree with her. With all of the abuse Michael endured at the hands of his father (and I'm not using the word "allegedly" here), combined with being the vehicle to make his father shitloads of money, never being allowed to "be a child"...oh, you know the rest, how could he not have succumbed to the life--and death--that eventually occurred. Add to all of this, leeches--including doctors--who simply enjoyed being a part of Michael's life, and would do just about anything to remain in his good graces...and on his payroll.

We had no idea of the numerous scalp surgeries he endured due to the mishap back in the 80's, when his hair caught fire during a Pepsi commercial shoot. His drug dependence probably began back then. I almost understand how he would want to be so heavily sedated, what with the lawsuits, extortion, trials, physical pain and obvious emotional pain that he lived with every single day of his life. Add to that being a worshiped icon for the better part of his 50 years. I can't imagine that kind of life. The bagfuls of medications that were supposed to help him with his pain and inability to sleep turned him into a junkie. I'm not questioning that. I'm simply saying that I GET IT.

Most of you will not understand where I'm coming from on ALL. I don't expect you to...I've spoken about issues I've personally struggled with, and I just have a different outlook on Michael's sad situation and ultimate demise.


Brook D Wood said...

Baseball had "Shoeless" Joe Jackson. Music's got it's "Shameless" version. I don't think people understand the extent of the abuse all the Jacksons, ESPECIALLY Michael, suffered at the hands of their patriarch. I think a substantial percentage of what made Jacko go wacko can be directly attributed to his father.

And, while I blame his father for just about every negative aspect of MJ's life (I mean, I do understand Michael was an individual and made personal choices through the course of his life but this is a blog comment and that requires a modicum of hyperbole), I think some blame has to be cast on the doctors for the way his life tragically ended. In order to stay a part of his 'circle' many of them disregarded their ethical duties and caved to MJ's every pharmacological whim.

He had handlers, lawyers, promoters, doctors, therapists, music execs, accountants, and on and on. What it comes down to, though, is Michael had no FRIENDS. NOBODY in his camp was disinterested enough in his/her own piece of MJ's pie to honestly assess what MJ was doing to himself and slap him back to what for him approximated reality.

MJ's story is that of Icarus and, apparently, man was not intended to fly so close to the sun.

DivaJulia said...

Brook--that was beautifully written. Absolutely insightful. I hope we can all see what has really happened here.

xoxo j

Ky ~ Surfa Chic,Army Wife and Mom said...

i totally understand Julia...although i am so sick of hearing about the fights and bs going on between the family..jeez he was a 50 year old man that made his wishes clear over and over whats the problem? bury him already !! and let him rest...leave those kids alone !! that joe jackson is a weirdo plain and simple and i hope doesnt sink his claws into those kids..

DivaJulia said...

Well said, Ky...The family needs to bury that poor man--and NOT at Neverland where Joe is still trying to deal with the authorities in Santa Barbara to get the OK. He's gonna get another Graceland if it's the LAST thing he does. Michael made it CLEAR he doesn't want to be buried there.