Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hey, guess what? I've never read or seen anything having to do with that Harry Potter kid.

Harry Who?

...and now, by admitting the fact that I don't know a GD thing about this series of books and movies, I'm going to duck for cover. That said, I will not succumb to media pressure or the fact that I write a celebrity blog, forpitysake, to learn anything about Harry Potter.

I hear the new HP movie is opening this week. That's all I know. Oh, and I do know that the young star of the Harry Potter movies was nakie on Broadway in the play "Equus", a little while back. That's it. Sorry.


Brook D Wood said...

Anyone who knows me knows I'm anti-hype. So when, in 1999, the Harry Potter book series was picking up steam in the U.S. and, in 2001, the first movie was being released, Sarah and I shunned it. I mean, full-on, gaze averted and palm extended, shunned it.

About the time the fourth book was coming out we decided we couldn't fairly despise something we knew nothing about EXCEPT the fact that we despised it. So, we picked up the first book. Then the second and third and we were hooked. We watched all the movies, making sure to read the book beforehand. We own all the books now, ordering the last two from Amazon with their special day-of-release delivery. We own all the movies on DVD and were genuinely upset about the delayed theatrical release of the latest film. We'll be watching it this Friday night, for sure. The only reason we're not going to a midnight show tonight is she works tomorrow morning.

I'm still anti-hype when hype is all something's got but that's not the case with Harry Potter.

Annette said...

HP is OK. I've read all the books and i think the plot is good but the books aren't well written. But they are supposed to be for kids so maybe i'm being unfair. The films are full of images that my imagination and JK Rowlings descriptions (however long and detailed)wasn't able to picture so beautifully. On the other hand the films are usually lacking a little in suspense and the plot is simplified. Worth seeing on a big screen nonetheless.
P.S. I didn't like De Vinci code at all - book & film - mediocre! So we can't all agree!