Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wanna hear something gross?

You'll never guess what that mess is!

Here's the headline, for your reading pleasure:

Truck scatters animal parts on I-5 near Tacoma

Have you all heard just how bloody HOT it is up here in Seattle? We're talking RECORD HEAT--mid-to-upper 90's. I screamed and covered my mouth when I saw this on the local news last night--and being the nice gal that I am, I thought I'd share it with ya'll!

Washington State Patrol troopers say a rendering truck that lost its load scattered dead animal parts across the northbound lanes of Interstate 5 in Tacoma.

Troopers say the Monday night spill triggered a 3-mile backup in the northbound lanes, with southbound traffic moving slowly near the scene for some time after the crash.

In all, the lanes of northbound I-5 near the Tacoma Dome were closed for over four hours Monday night with traffic only getting through on the shoulder.

The DOT's Karri Workman says the smell was "horrendous", and cleaning up the slimey mess was a long, difficult process, "A front end loader actually scoops up the debris from the highway, puts that into the empty dump- truck, and when mot'sst of that debris is gone, (Monday night's) job was made more complicated by the heat and the nature of the debris on the highway."

Workman says ultimately, sand had to be spread across the road, so all the stuff could be removed.

Hey! What's for lunch today?


Anonymous said...

i wish it was the carcasses of all those that signed the petition for referendom71

Anonymous said...

,love the boys

Madd Hadder said...


i think i just gave up meat for the rest of the week >.<