Friday, July 10, 2009

Levi Johnston Calls Sarah Palin a "Money Grubber"!

"Levi, I TOLD you to get off my property."
Oh brother.

Well, sort of. It sure is funny, though. This whole Sarah/Levi/Bristol thing is so freaking Small Town, it's hilarious (again, because it's not happening to ME). Lord knows if Hunter got some little tart pregnant I'd be so pissed off, that chick would be begging for menstrual cramps. See how I turned the story around and made my BOY the angel? That's why I'm here, ya'll, to show you both sides. Heh.

ANYwhitetrash...Levi is blabbin' about how he thinks Sarah Palin quit her jobby-job as an elected official--wait GOVERNOR OF ALASKA, so she could pimp her family out for M.O.N.E.Y. Whaaaa? Seems Sarah owes $500K in legal fees. Levi says he overheard Sarah (remember when Sarah allowed Levi to LIVE with that Palin family and was surprised Levi and Bristol didn't "practice abstinance"? Jesus H. ) saying how awesome it would be to just take up those offers for a book and a reality TV show. Just wait, soon enough we'll get to see those northern hillbillies on TLC. I'd pay cash money to watch Sarah and Kate Gosselin go at it for ratings. It would be a goddamn screech-fest!

YAY for America!

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