Friday, July 10, 2009

Joe Jackson: Monster, Money Grubber, Satan!

Mr. Inappropriate.
Hey. So THAT'S where my eyebrow
pencil ran off to--nice mustache.

BOOM. Twice in one day I am able to use the term "money grubber"!

I tell ya what, Joe Jackson is a piece of work. He's already rubbing his dirty hands together by eyeballing Michael's kids as his next paycheck. He was on "Good Morning America" this morning, seemingly preparing the world for his next big thing.

"Today in a Good Morning America interview with 79-year-old family patriarch Joe Jackson, interviewer Chris Connelly asks whether he sees any performer potential in Michael's three children. Joe's response? "I keep watching Paris, she maybe wants to do something, you know. And Blanket, he can really dance, that's what they're saying. He can really dance."

First of all, you dumbshit, YOU were left out of Michael's Will for a reason, and your wife, KATHERINE was named Guardian of those poor kids--not YOUR dumb ass.

Why isn't anyone in that family speaking up about how incredibly inappropriate Joe is behaving? Are they all still so terrified of that old man that they won't stand up to him?

Someone needs to get a restraining order again Grandpa Grubbymits and FAST. The last thing those little kids need is to be locked in the basement for 10 hours a day, while that asshole watches them rehearse--with a belt in his hand.

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Sven-golly said...

If Joe thinks he should have the estate, he should also pay the estimated $20 million in back taxes. That might shut him up a bit, eh?