Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Russell Brand to Host MTV VMAs for Second Year Straight

Russell Brand during his Comedy Central special

The Hollywood Reporter is well, REPORTING that Russell Brand will be hosting the VMAs again this coming September.

NEW YORK -- "Russell Brand will host the Video Music Awards for the second year in a row.

The live event will be held in New York on Sept. 13. It will be staged at different venues, including Radio City Music Hall, where the VMAs were broadcast in 2006.

Brand -- known for his deadpan, off-kilter humor -- hosted last year's show in Los Angeles."

I watched Russell's hosting of the awards show last year and was disappointed--mainly because the idiots in the audience (read: the so-called "stars" being honored) didn't get Russell at ALL. Crickets...no laughing, whatsoever. The Disney Dorks (particularly those "High School Musical" goons) were the worst. If you notice...I never speak of those fools here on Dipped in Cream. They are unworthy of a sidebar, let alone a full blog. Pssh.

Russell performed a special for Comedy Central several months after the VMAs. He acted out the bits that he had originaly written for the VMAs, but opted not to say, because the audience was so thick and humorless. It was hilarious. Voila`.

Maybe this year Russell won't hold back. Fingers crossed.

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Annette said...

If i don't get this on TV here i might just sulk.