Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today's Michael Jackson Update

Wow. Where to start. I'm coming right out and saying I think the LAPD is screwing up a possible crime scene yet again. Just puttin' that shit out there. They originally treated Michael's $100,000 per month rental home as a potential crime scene; the next day, moving vans appeared and family members were seen clearing belongings out of the house. Then the LAPD were back in the house the following day, removing two bags of pharmaceuticals and supplies. (It's now been said they did indeed remove Diprivan.) So there was a break in the chain of custody of evidence, by allowing outsiders into the premises while there was an ongoing investigation. (Someone has been watching CSI too much.)

"Propofol or Diprivan is used to place a patient under anesthesia before surgery. It can only be given by IV. A source told TMZ that "There is no conceivable way this drug can be properly prescribed for home use." TMZ also noted that if a doctor gave Michael Jackson Propofol and it caused his death, that doctor may be charged with manslaughter."

Holy SHIT. That's a big-ass drug, ya'll. (Oh, for those of you who think heroin is hardcore? MJ was addicted to anesthesia. BOOM. He wins. Or loses, as the case may be. That is effed UP.) Now the DEA is involved in this case, which means someone is gonna be in big trouble, and possibly charged with manslaughter. Mark my words.

Michael was an insomniac (who isn't?), but diprivan puts your brain to sleep in an unnatural state. It's a powerful sedative that causes a medically-induced coma and should never be used outside of a medical setting. It's given by intravenous injection only and is not available from your local Rite-Aid. In other words, a DOCTOR who had this drug available to him, GAVE it to Michael. For all we know, Michael gave it to himself. What we do know is, Michael was paying Dr. Conrad Murray to stay with him. Of course Dr. Murray has told police that he never gave Michael any injections or IVs. Hmmm. Dr. Murray's BMW was impounded by the LAPD the day Michael died, but released it today. (No word on what was found, if anything, in the vehicle.)

Then there's his dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein (and Debbie Rowe's former boss). Where does he fit into all of this? Some media outlets are insinuating that he may be the biological father of Michael's two oldest children. Are you all taking notes? Pop quiz tomorrow.

Katherine Jackson named as Guardian
of Michael's kids

Now, the Will. Michael's mother Katherine was named as Guardian of Michael's three children, Prince Michael, Paris, and Prince Michael II (Blanket), with DIANA ROSS as the alternate Guardian. What the hell? Katherine is 79 years old and Diana is 65. Wow.

Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of the oldest kids, was directly left out of the Will, and his father Joe, was indirectly left out. The details of the Trust have not been made public yet.

via ABC News:

"The entire estate will be placed in a trust to be executed by three trusted advisors, the specifics of which may never be made public.

Jackson gave custody of his three children, two sons and a daughter aged 7 to 12, to his mother Katherine Jackson. In the will Jackson specified that if his mother died before he did, then singer and longtime Jackson friend Diana Ross would gain custody of the children."

Okay. I'm exhausted and have a headache.

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