Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh no. Britney Spears getting closer to another 51-50 by the looks of her hair and boots.

The "Crazy Countdown" has begun, ya'll.

Oh Britney, NO! What's going on, Babygurrl? C'mon, tell Mama. I know that ya'll ain't happy when you go brunette, so somethin's up. Are ya taahhrd from all that tourin'? Are ya mad that K-Fed's gotten, ummm, chub-chub? (That has nuttin' to do with you, darlin'.) Is Daddy Jamie all up in yer grill?

Tell Mama. Tell her. I'm here for ya, Sugar Paah.

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Annette said...

Daily Mail says she's been eating too many croissants in France - those skinny jeans are looking a little tight dear. (Not that i'd ever fit them but that's not the point is it?)