Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Prince Felix Alexander!

Life is pretty sweet.
...even upside down.
I think Felix is laughing AT Stephen (Pip)
and not with him. That's his way.

One of the best times is rocking
this sweet baby to sleep.

Is that Timberlake?
No, it's Alex and his boy.

Uncle Hunter and his favorite
person in the world.
Felix and "Auntie" Patrick
Look at those meaty legs and feet!
The sad little Christmas Elf
The "chub" has begun...
"Mim forced me to wear this get-up
from Florence, Italy. Yeeeeesh."
"Those fries look GOOD"...Chris Farley
Mom and Baby
Nose to nose with Dad.
I believe they also received
$14 million from People Magazine
for their baby pictures...heh.
Sleepin' time with Mom
One WEEK before Felix arrived!
Ugh. Alex and Felix's "Michael and Blanket"
impersonation. It was 3 FEET off the ground,
not several stories.
I can't repeat the words he was
saying here...
You've GOT to be kidding me.

Today is our darling Felix's 1st birthday. He's perfection. He's silly and funny and we just adore this little bundle.

Alex and Dayna are great parents. They aren't terribly "goody-goody", which I think is great--and by that I mean they make fun of Felix when he's being silly or if he's crying just to cry. For instance, I called Alex one day and heard that precious angel screaming in the background. I asked Alex what is WRONG? Alex replied, "Aww. He can't take a joke." I was bent in half from laughter. Oh, they dote on him, don't get me wrong; they just know how to laugh at things instead of stress out.

If anyone is overly-protective about Felix, it's Hunter. He loves that baby more than anything. I just love seeing him with his baby nephew. He is so tender and sweet with Felix. Dirty diapers? No problem. Hunter can soothe that baby sometimes when no one else can.

Stephen and I took Felix out to dinner a few night ago to our favorite sushi place. Felix had smashed sweet potatoes, yams and edamame and his favorite, miso soup. He loved his little meal, but was far more interested in the cute, chatty high school girls behind us and kept leaning over backwards in his high chair and pointing at them and smiling. Alex and Dayna will have their hands full in about 15 years and I LOVE it.

The torch has been passed.


christine said...

Awww...happy birthday handsome little man! He looks like such a happy baby-boy! What a sweetie!

Madd Hadder said...

I cant deny it! i kinda went all gooey eye'd while reading this blog and staring at all the adorableness!!! Such a handsome little lad ;)


Madd Hadder said...

I can't lie...i kinda went all gooey eye'd while reading this blog! he looks like such an adorable little lad!!! all the adorablness is just too much for my little head to handle!


Annette said...

Happy Bithday Felix (sorry i missed this yesterday). I love seeing photos of him - he changes so fast.