Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today's Michael Jackson UPDATE

Some people (Boy George on Twitter, for one, oh BROTHER) were irritated by President Obama's lack of a public statement regarding Michael Jackson's death. You know, the President actually does have a lot on his plate--Iran? N. Korea--and it was reported that he sent a personal handwritten note of condolences to the Jackson family right after Michael died. President Obama now has given a public statement on Michael Jackson's death:

via OK! Magazine:

While some questioned President Barack Obama's lack of a comment after Michael Jackson passed away last week, he says it was just a matter of having someone bring it up.

"Look, you're the first person who's actually asked me about it," he tells the Associated Press.

Obama did add that MJ will "go down in history as one of our greatest entertainers. I grew up on his music."

"I still have all his stuff on my iPod," revealed the commander-in-chief.

Obama also recognized that Michael's life wasn't perfect, saying he felt he'd experienced a "tragic and in many ways sad personal life."

Very nicely said, Mr. President.

Prince Michael, Jr., Michael and Debbie Rowe

In other updates, it seems Debbie Rowe may actually seek custody of her children. Now, does that mean she would separate Prince Michael, Jr., Paris and Blanket, since Blanket is not her biological child? That would be like another death for those kids, if you ask me. Totally inappropriate.

via TMZ:

"Debbie Rowe will fight for custody of Paris and Michael Jr., the children born during her marriage to Michael Jackson -- this, according to NBC 4 in Los Angeles.

According to the NBC 4 website, Rowe said during a 90-minute phone conversation, "I want my children."

Rowe says she will seek a restraining order to keep Joe Jackson away from the children.

Rowe also says she'll submit to a DNA test to prove she's the biological mother."

I think there are two reasons for Debbie's desire to request custody: 1.) Money and 2.) Money. COME ON. In every single interview, she referred to herself as a "vessel" to give Michael a "gift" of children, and that she doesn't want the kids to call her "Mom". Pretty transparent, I think. She'll have a fight on her hands, I can tell you that. The Jackson family will spend every nickel of what precious little Michael had left, and what he's earning now in phenomenal music sales to keep those kids in the family fold.

This situation is just going to get uglier and uglier.

**Sidebar: I just saw the video of Michael's last rehearsal at the Staples Center. It was kinda eerie. He seemed fine. He didn't have quite the power and energy of an actual performance, but again, it was a rehearsal. The dancers with him are fantastic. They must be just so heartbroken after the grueling auditions, making the cut, and then getting to know him. Wow.

If I can upload the video, I'll do so.

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