Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Madonna!! LIVE in Manchester, Sweetie Darlings!!

My Darlings, Tim (L) and James (R) at the
airport lounge, where else?
LOVE the spotlight!
Did Mum raid Lola's closet, boys?

There is no point in changing ONE. SINGLE. WORD. of the email I received from Tim and James with their "review" (or worshiping at the House of Madge) after I called them out for not supplying their Editor with the appropriate info. So. Here we go, ya'll, In Their Own Words--Madonna Live--by The Boys:

"ok ok we get the hint after you scold us in your blog, lol.
ok first and foremost, she not only sang live, not once lip synced (ahem, Brit?) but sang on key all the while dancing to the most intricate choreographed steps. she payed homage to 80's Madonna with 'dress you up' 'into the groove' 'holiday' 'la isla bonita' and ' like a prayer' along with her currents songs from Hard Candy. Paul Oakenfeld opened for her, who is an amazing dj. THE BITCH MADE EYE CONTACT WITH ME 5 TIMES!!!! The world can end now, sigh.

Here are some pics, kinda blurry (thanks blackberry, but 2 you can see her look at me (if you look really close) ) and she was so gracious about people taking pictures of her as well. it was at the m.e.n arena (manchester evening news) the largest arena in e-land. the only incident that happened was a chain that was supposed to be secured to the lighting came off on one end and plonk, hit a fan on the head, almost knocked her out, and i was so jealous cause YOU KNOW she got to meet the bitch after that.

What else do you need to know to make us blog worthy? lol"

Oh, are indeed Blog-worthy!! I love you both!!! xoxo ~j

Photo credit: SUGARDADDY'S

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Anonymous said...

you just gave me happy pants ;-)
love, the boys