Sunday, July 26, 2009

All Kinds of Michael Jackson Crap and Rumors


A jar of noses? (Isn't that the name of a band?) A closet full of drugs, namely the Propofol? Dr. Conrad Murray calling his office to seek and destroy MJ's records from a storage unit before having someone else call 911 -- because Michael was already dead, then telling the paramedics unit NOT to declare him dead because he had "higher medical authority than the EMTs"? The paramedics not even recognizing Michael, saying he looked like a "frail old man"? Good Lord.

This story gets worse every. Single. Day. Oh, yeah. They found a shitload of money (CASH!) belonging to Michael in some other dude's possession. Actually, he turned it in...but still.

Think this mess can't get any worse? Just wait. I swear to God, though. I better NOT see any photos of MJ's body from the L.A. County Coroner's Office. A bunch of a-holes went in to gape at Michael's corpse and then blab to the tabloids about its appearance. Gross. I don't wanna hear about it, read about it and I better not see it. Ya hear me talkin' to ya?

I'll say it again. Those poor kids (aka The Jackson 3, if Gramps has his way).

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