Saturday, July 25, 2009

Katy Perry bugs the crap out of me, and, oh--WHATthegoddamnhell is she wearing?

"Why, thank you!"

I really don't enjoy Katy Perry. Oh yeah, I said it. I think she sucks when singing live, first and foremost. Her clothing isn't amusing, it's just dumb. Here's the faux-glamour girl herself on yesterday's Today Show. Ugh.

I have two words for Ms. Perry: NOVELTY ACT. Soon enough you'll find "I Kissed A Girl" next to "The Monster Mash" (they don't bother alphabetizing) in the discount bin at Going Out of Business Sale at your local Sam Goody.


W said...

A. Gree.

Madd Hadder said...

Really Katy? I am so disappointed in you. You, the popstar diva who single handedly caused the upraising in young adolescent girls to through caution to the wind and make out with their best friends in the throws of adolescent experimental passion. And now look at you. It’s a sad day for America Katy Perry. I hope you are proud.