Wednesday, July 1, 2009

STOP PACKING UP THE VAN! There will be no public viewing at Neverland Ranch. Pssshhh.

Settle down. I just Googled "glass coffin"!
But how funny is this picture with young boys in it?
Oh. Sorry.

Oh, the dirty masses (remember, not my words) have to unpack their Tom Joad trucks and stay home now that "The Official Word from the Jackson Family" has indicated that there will NOT be a public viewing of Michael Jackson's body this Friday. Goddamnit.

Don't eff with those Santa Barbara snips. They mean bidness. Actually, I don't know why it was announced then rescinded. Moving trucks, concrete (?) trucks and other work vans are still going in and out of Neverland. What gives?

Now look what they made me do: TALK ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON.

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